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As always, it's not what you know but the sister of someone you know.

In this case, the blame falls on the absurdly talented Miki, who happened to be working for Sony on The Getaway.

For the four people who didn't buy this game, it's a action-adventure-driving-gangster-swearathon set in the streets of London. But, like, actually. They scanned in London. With a big scanner.

Anyway, the people who worked there managed to sneak in a few posters of their own making around the billboards of London, and Miki asked me to do a few.

All a bit pointless really, as the only people who would get the joke are the 4 people who didn't buy the game and just went round to Yoz to play it.

Anyway, if you don't believe me, drive down to Kings Cross and you'll see me on the high billboard at the interchange. So there. I'm famous. And if you pay me, I'll let you touch me.

The Getaway
Shim Happens
Inspired by Morrisons


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